Sunday, April 13, 2014

how to make a tassel.

Not only are tassels the perfect embellishment for your crochet projects (or what have you), but they are also a great way to use up left over yarn.

First off, grab any piece of scrap cardboard and cut to desired size. Your finished tassel will be slightly shorter than your piece of cardboard. Next, lay a piece of yarn across the top of the cardboard. Starting and finishing at the bottom end of the cardboard, wind yarn around both the cardboard and the piece of yarn lying across the top. I did about 20 wraps.

 Pull the top piece of yarn tightly and tie the top of the tassel securely.
Cut the yarn ends at the opposite end of the cardboard, and remove the tassel from the cardboard.

 Cut another piece of yarn and wrap it a few times tightly around the tassel, approximately ½” from the top and tie securely.

To disguise the knot, pass both yarn ends through the center of the tassel as shown.

Trim any excess yarn across the bottom of the tassel.

Voila...a simple, beautiful tassel that will add detail to any project!!!

Another option, that adds both shape and weight to your tassel is to use a bead. To do this start by threading a bead onto a long piece of yarn and tie a knot close to the bead. For the moment, set the bead aside. 

Next, omitting the piece of yarn lying across the top, wind yarn around the piece of cardboard.

Cut the yarn ends at and remove the tassel from the cardboard.

Lay the yarn out flat as shown.

Using the beaded piece of yarn, tie a knot around the center of the tassel. Take care to fan the yarn out evenly around the bead and tie securely.

Again, to disguise the knot, pass both yarn ends through the center of the tassel and trim any excess yarn across the bottom of the tassel. For extra detail, add a bead to the top of your tassel and secure with a knot close to the bead.


Friday, March 21, 2014

random friday freebie - 24 hour free download!

To continue our celebration of National Crochet Month we are offering 1 of our crochet designs as a free PDF download for 24 hours. The regular retail price for this pattern is $4.99 USD. You can download the crochet pattern for the Lacy Llama Fingerless Mitts either directly from or by simply clicking on the link below the picture. Remember, you only have 24 hours.
Lacy Llama Fingerless Mitts

You can download the pattern for free between 8:00 am PST Friday March 21, 2014  and 8:00 am PST Saturday March 22, 2014.

Friday, March 7, 2014

whoo hoo - 50% off of all crochet patterns at

Come and celebrate National Crochet Month and receive 50% off of all crochet patterns at The sale begins today (March 7th, 2014), and will end Sunday (March 9th, 2014) at midnight PST. Never before have we held a sale this big for this long!

To receive 50% off your entire crochet pattern purchase, visit and enter the coupon code CELEBRATE50 at the check out. Also, our regular offer of buy 5 patterns in one transaction and receive 1 free still applies. Just leave us a note in the "Message to Seller" section at checkout regarding your 6th free pattern choice and we will automatically send you your free pattern.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

march is national crochet month.

In the United States March has been dubbed as "National Crochet Month". If you've been thinking of learning to crochet, or if you just need some inspiration there's tons of sales and lessons going on all over the web that promote and celebrate the love of crochet.

Here's just a few links that we found for you:

Save 30% at Crochet Me - March 1st to 6th! Shop the sale here.

Webs Yarn Store Blog is planning on featuring weekly crochet techniques so be sure to follow along here.

• Love of Knitting is celebrating with an exciting giveaway every Friday throughout the month of March.

Check out the health benefits of knit and crochet sponsored by the Crafty Yarn Council. Click here to see the video.

Be sure to check back on Friday as we also have something special planned!!!

kim and tara.

Monday, March 3, 2014

this child of mine.

My oldest daughter wanted to make a shawl and since I'm a big fan of crochet designer, Bernadette Ambergen, I directed her to Bernadette's crochet patterns. Bernadette has a beautiful collection of crochet shawl patterns to choose from so it was hard deciding. In the end she went with Wisteria, and this is her finished project. Isn't it gorgeous?

Unfortunately, I the yarn was unmarked, so the only yarn details that I can give you is that it is a sea foam green cotton.
So inspiring....but sadly neither Tara or I will have a much time for hook and yarn this month :( Don't despair we still have plans for you!!!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

and we have a winner....


Last week Susan from hosted a give-away on our behalf. Not only did we have a wonderful time getting to know Susan, but some very happy crocheter walked away with 10 free patterns from our Etsy shop ( Sooooo.....just in case you missed our Facebook announcement, the winner of the giveaway for 10 free crochet patterns was Glee D.

Glee mentioned to us that she has joined lots of giveaways, but this is the first time that she has won, so congratulations Glee!!!!!

And a big thank-you to everyone for participating!!!

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kim and tara.

Monday, January 27, 2014

a chance to win...

Well, we normally save our freebie's for our occasional Random Friday Freebie, but this week is special! Susan at is hosting a give-away on our behalf. Yay!!! And thanks Susan for taking that on!! 

You can win a package of 10 crochet patterns of your choosing! How fabulous!!  

Want to get in on the action? Hop on over to Crochet Addick UK to enter. There are lots of ways to enter the contest, and the more you participate in the greater your chance of winning. Hurry on over!!!! The contest ends on February 1st, 2014.

tara and kim.